Welcome to the Sterling Reporter Blog

Welcome to the Sterling Reporter Blog!  The Sterling Reporter is a  news aggregation site focused on financial news, and news that effects the economy.  In the Sterling Reporter Blog,  we provide our analysis and commentary on what we consider to be important news items we have covered in the Sterling Reporter.

The Sterling Reporter is currently organized around three (3) primary pages;  our home page,  our page dedicated to energy & commodities, and our page dedicated to small business, capital raising, and economic growth policies.

On the Sterling Reporter Home Page we cover six (6) main areas of news;  the Financial Markets,  Business News,  Consumer & Personal Finances,  International News, Technology related Business News, and Green/Environmental News.  This is where we try to cover the most important stories of the day.  Our top section obviously tries to highlight what we feel are the 8-12 most important stories and news items.  The remainder of the page focuses on what we consider the items that impact us the most;  financial & commodities market,  major business news,  personal & consumer news, and international news.  With technology playing such an important function in our every changing world,  the “Tech” section tries to keep us up to date on the important developments in the tech world.  The “Green Zone” is kind of a catch all area that collects environmental and other scientific news.

On the Sterling Reporter Energy Page, we cover four (4) main areas of news;  Energy,  Alternative Energy,  Commodities, and Agriculture.  We have decided to group these areas of news together because we feel their markets are either somewhat interdependent or linked.  With rising commodity prices and an ever increasing world population level, we feel we are in the process of seeing a demographic shift that is going to change the world as we know; and the signs of it are showing in commodities.

On the Sterling Reporter Small Biz Page we cover four (4) main areas of news;  Venture Capital & Fund Raising,  Small Business News,  Government Policy & Regulation, and Education.  This is our page where we provide the news that we feel affects small businesses, the issues affecting small business growth, and the government policies that effect the economy.   We decided to add educati0n news to this page because all businesses are ultimately impacted by the quality of the education of their employees; and because of the heavy influence of government policy and regulation on our education system.  Ultimately we feel the areas covered on this page directly relate to economic growth, the ability of small businesses to survive, and for those small businesses to grow into large businesses.

We hope you enjoy reading our site.