Cut, Cap, and Balance

Last Wednesday night as I was returning from the lake I was listening to Erick Erickson on WSB Radio here in Atlanta.  He was talking about the Cut, Cap, and Balance pledge with respects to the Federal Deficit.  While I was a little late in tuning into the show, I did decide to do some research and see what I could find.

It did not take long to find a web site dedicated to it,  The Pledge is very simple:

  1. Cut – Substantial cuts in spending that will reduce the deficit next year and thereafter.
  2. Cap – Enforceable spending caps that will put federal spending on a path to a balanced budget.
  3. Balance – Congressional passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — but only if it includes both a spending limitation and a super-majority for raising taxes, in addition to balancing revenues and expenses.

I think the pledge is the common sense position for a solution to our nation’s budgetary and debt crisis.  Left unchecked,  this nation’s federal deficit will turn our country into a banana republic.  It will become the downfall of our country and our way life;  it will lead to a worldwide decline in human freedom and quality of life.

I support the pledge and our Congressional members who have taken the pledge.

In our upcoming blog posts we will try to take a look at what the hard and realistic numbers for the pledge mean.

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