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A Few Thoughts on the GOP National Security Debate

Overall: I like the idea of the debate focusing on a single topic. Overall I think this gave the candidates a chance to shine and demonstrate their skills. I think it kept the snipping to a minimum. I enjoyed the debate and thought it was a rare chance to bring to the forefront several serious topics that do not normally get the airtime they deserve.

A Few Thoughts on the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate

this election is going to come down to a question of who best suited to guide the economy going forward. I feel that the CNBC staff brought a level of knowledge about the economy, how businesses work, and the important issues facing us that were sorely missing in previous debates. I thought the questions were very good, much better than any other debate. I also liked the format that spread the time out much more evenly among the candidates and did not simply focus on the front runners. I think this gave the viewers a chance to better understand all the candidates and their positions.

On the various topics in the debate I have the following:……

Where is the “Beef?” I Mean Where is the News?

As the week winds down, and I look back at the events of the week; the negotiations over the U.S. Debt Ceiling dominated the news. However in looking at the press stories concerning the negotiations, for the most part they seem about as informative as talking to my dog.

The vast majority of the stories I have reviewed are more focused on the petty aspects of the discussions and the ridiculous comments being made by Harry Reid. This is one of the most important issues of the year, and probably the next several years. These negotiations and their results have the ability to impact all of our lives for next several years, and there is almost no coverage of the real positions being taken by either side.

This is where I have a massive problem with the major media outlets. They have an inherent tendency to focus on sound bites and the quick and easy aspects of a story.

A Few Quick Thoughts on the Week Ahead

I thought I would take a few minutes today to look at the upcoming week. I think we will obviously see the Federal Debt Ceiling continue to dominate the news. I think we will see increasing news regarding the weakening of the U.S. economy, and the spread of the European debt crisis to Italy.

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