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A Few More Thoughts on Yahoo

It looks like Marc Andreessen’s firm may be thinking of making an offer and installing Jeff Jordan to run the firm. It looks like Thomas H. Lee Partners may be thinking of making a $5 Billion offer for Yahoo’s U.S. operations, while Alibaba Group may be trying to round up financing to make a $4 Billion offer for Yahoo’s Asian operations.

A Few Thoughts on Yahoo

A couple of weeks ago the Yahoo’s Board of Directors fired CEO Carol Bartz after roughly 33 months on the job. I can’t say I was surprised. Yahoo has been a rudderless ship for a long time. Now it being reported that Yahoo’s Board may be putting the company up for sale.

I thought now might be a decent time to take a look at how Yahoo got this way. Founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994, Yahoo was one of the earliest and most successful of the pre-Google search engines. However somewhere along the way Yahoo lost its vision and sight of the future.